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Say Goodbye - Lisa Gardner The least interesting of all Lisa Gardner's books I've read so far. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, and read to the end (which I don't do if I'm not enjoying a book).

What kept Saying Goodbye from four or five stars? I think it may be a case of Gardner over-researching spiders. I over-research in some of my books, then I put too much of my research into the book because I've learned so much it's spilling over–beyond the point that some readers are interested. Me, I'm not that interested in spiders, nor am I as frightened of them as the author tries to make me.

Quite frequently in Saying Goodbye, some character is giving a lecture on spiders, and if that's not enough, Gardner starts each chapter with a quote from some spider authority. So, instead of frightening me, it simply bores me. Cut that lecturing down by 80 or 90 percent and the book would become much more of a page-turner (because the story itself, without the spiders) is quite good.

If I can find copies of some of the other Gardner books around here, I'll review them and give them four or five stars, to balance my view of her work, which I admire.