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Experiential Learning: Beginning (1)

Experiential Learning: Beginning (1) - Gerald M. Weinberg Gerald Weinberg has launched a new book series called Experiential Learning.If you design or run experiential workshops, check it out. If you have never run an experiential workshop, but would like to, check it out. If you have no idea what experiential learning is, check it out.

Over the past 23 years I've attended at least a dozen of Jerry's workshops—maybe two dozen—on topics such as leadership, writing, and consulting. Jerry's workshops have been enormously influential in my life, not only for what I learned about their content, but also for what I learned about how to create and run experiential workshops.

From Facebook: George Dinwiddie What a wonderful book it is, too! As a bonus, the exercises described in it bring back so many wonderful memories. One of my favorites is the lemons.