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Dead Hypocrites - Laura Ware I'm frequently asked to explain why I take the "easy way out," rather than fight my way through life's difficulties without the "crutch" of my religion. Well, anyone who thinks faith is the "easy way out" ought to read Dead Hypocrites. It's a brave work, confronting the issue of professing to be a Christian and yet preaching against your very own secret sins. Perhaps, as a Quaker, I take another "easy way out—by eschewing preaching altogether. Dead Hypocrites gave me plenty to think about.

First, of course, it's a moving mystery, and can be read as entertainment without needing to serve any higher purpose. But at the same time, it does an extraordinary job of showing one person's struggles to retain his belief in God, in the face of a devilishly murderous world.

Each of us has times when our faith is put to the test. Author Laura Ware has constructed what might be the ultimate test for her protagonist, detective Dave Hill. When you read Dead Hypocrites (and you should), you'll definitely be grateful you will never have to face this test yourself. And you'll be inspired to read how one person wrestled with his own test and ... Oh, but I'd better not give away the ending. That would be a sin.